About Gail Leslie
The style of yoga taught is Hatha yoga

The two syllables HA and THA represent the blending of polar opposites, the sun and the moon. This beautiful union through the practice of yoga leads one towards an increasingly balanced life with much inner peace. As well, Hatha yoga is a practical and realistic approach to breathing more fully and deeply and gradually moving into postures that at first may seem impossible. An important part of the class is learning how to relax and be "at home" within the body, mind, heart and will. Every class includes breathing exercises, a flow of postures (asanas) and a relaxation/meditation to end the class. This ancient art is over 5000 years old and is time proven to not only stretch, strengthen and tone the whole body but lead to a strong sense of well-being and the desire to achieve one's full potential.

Gail Leslie is the owner and operator of the Dancing Cat which has been open since May, 1999.
I received my training from Prana Yoga and Zen Teaching Academy. I have completed a two and a half year Yoga Therapy Training Course in November, 2009. Although benificial for everyone, Yoga Therapy is best practised individually or in small groups working with the same issue. e.g. lower back pain, frozen shoulder, arthritis, disease recovery and pelvic misalignment. Therapeutic yoga links slow supported movement with deep rhythmic breathing and a strong emphasis on relaxation. I am very pleased to be offering therapeutic yoga on Tuesdays 10 to 11:30am and Fridays 5 to 6:30pm I have practiced this ancient holistic art for most of my adult life with very beneficial results that seem to increase over time. Yoga has encouraged me to focus inward leading me to a deeper understanding and awareness of myself, my relationships and my own unique place in the world.

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